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Multimeters: Effective Tips and Tricks to find the Best

A multimeter is highly important for those who deal with electrical problems. In fact, without this, there is nothing much an electrician can do. This is the reason why selecting the best multimeter is essential for better job performance. However, you can’t begin a discussion about the best multimeter in the market today without considering a very important question: How and where to find the best multimeters?


After knowing what this tool used for and what types of jobs you want for this tool, you should look for multimeters that would never fail your expectations. If you are a professional technician and looking for great, reliable, long-lasting and safe multimeters, you will need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best one. However, if you are the kind of person who takes time comparing the price and quality of the item, you can save a lot and will give peace of mind at your end.

One way to help you for this case is to consider reading multimeter review, compare the products and choose one that would really fit your price range and circumstances. To avoid confusing your mind, here, we have compiled five best multimeters in the market today for you to choose from. Take your time for you to get the best one.

Five Best Multimeters to Compare

  1. Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter


From the name itself, you can assure it would you the best service as possible. Fluke is one of the most leading and popular multimeter manufacturers that provides high-quality products throughout the world. This multimeter has a large display and white backlight for easy and comfortable readings. This kind is able to handle DC range, continuity, frequency, and capacitance and offers a diode test as well. It also has built-in overload protection.

Additionally, Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter is great when it comes to safety compliance. It complies with IEC category III for 600 volts and it means that you can check distribution that includes commercial lighting, equipment, and appliances for just a short connection to the service entrance.

  1. INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter


The INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter is a professional multimeter designed to help pinpoint engine problems with ease. It is a UL certified product with auto-ranging features, auto shut-off, and over-load protection. It even includes test lead holders for hands-free protection. This multimeter comes with an inductive RPM clamp and a temperature probe to let you check your engine down to the smallest detail.

One other great thing of INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter is it was specially designed for the automotive industry and it does not have sensitivity. Moreover, it does not carry the huge price tag.

  1.  Amprobe AM-530 TRMS Electrical Contractor Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detector and Temperature

There are so many great features attached to Amprobe AM-530 TRMS Electrical Contractor Multimeter, the reason why it is one of the best tools in the world of multimeters today. This device has the ability to take RMS measurements, a measurement that will not be affected by any fluctuations. It is also capable of doing an audible continuity test. The Amprobe AM-530 has a built-in flashlight as well and has a strong battery in order to power and test capacitors for longer hours.

The built-in flashlight lets you verify wire colors and for you to see things clearly when working. Another good thing of Amprobe AM-530 is the fact that is has earned quite high ratings on Amazon.

  1. 4. Klein Tools MM1000 Electrician’s Multimeter

The Klein Tools MM1000, from the name itself, it is specifically seeking for the professional electricians. This device has great features and accuracy. When it comes to features, it can go as high as 10 Amps and 1000 Volts and has an auto-ranging feature. You can also find ease reading the results because this device has backlit though it is not really good as Fluke during high daylight conditions. Klein tools have complied IEC Category III 1000V.

  1. Mastech MS8264 30-Range Digital Multimeter with Temperature Measurement

The Mastech MS8264 30-Range Digital Multimeter offers a backlit LCD display for easy use even under a wide variety of circumstances. This tool also offers SMT application, a 1999 count display and function automatically. It also presents symbol indication, diode testing, continuity testing, auto power off and backlight. When it comes to safety compliance, this device conforms to IEC category II 1000V and category III 600V.

The Importance of Choosing the Right One

Now that you know what to look for in a multimeter and what are the certified best kinds, it will then be easy for you to figure out which one really matches your own preferences. Having the right one is absolutely rewarding. These digital multimeter reviews might shed up some light and guide you to find the really best one. In case there are still some troubles in your mind, the founder of will be glad to help you anytime.

OBD2 Scanner: A Perfect Tool to Diagnose your Car

Cars are just like humans, sometimes they got ill and they need a doctor to cure them. A doctor then will use something or almost everything to find out the real problems. Of course, you can’t be an expert doctor to your car. But you can do something right before your riding buddy died.

So, before you start the engine, check your car with an incredible technology to spot troubles before its too late – the OBD2 Scanner. But for you to diagnose them best, look for the best OBD2 Scanner as possible as you can.MaxScan_obd2_scanner

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What is an OBD2 Scanner

The OBD2 scanner is usually battery powered but there are new models today that can be powered by the electricity given by the OBD2 connection itself. When the Check Engine button lights up, the handheld device connects to the OBD2 port and record as well as display trouble codes that the car is sending. You can then use the code to see what’s wrong with the car.

When the troubles have been fixed, you can clear up the code from the car’s memory and switch off the light of the Check Engine until new problems take place. However, the light will go out and the codes will self-erase eventually. Probably, the next time you start and stop the car. You can just erase those codes manually if you want them to vanish immediately.

Undoubtedly, if the Check Engine came on, there’s significantly a failure with the vehicle.

How OBD2 Scanner works

The OBD2 Scanner generally shows the raw codes. Therefore, you will need some sort of code reference to know what the differences between those codes are. There are advanced models that may actually pile up the trouble codes in the memory of the device so you can be able to take back them later. Retrieving can be done through the use of USB connection or you can go for the cross-reference in opposition to internet databases where you can find the significance of codes and the known issues at the same time.


The OBD or the On Board Diagnostics refers to the ability of vehicles to register and report issues that may take place to your car or just within its system. With the presence of the OBD2 scanner, you can able to sense problems long before you encounter the failure signs. Failure signs can be the low-performance, low-fuel economy, and heavy emissions. When the Check Engine light or the Malfunction light turns on, it’s a signal as well that your car undergoes difficulties.

The Diagnostic Trouble Codes are placed in the system but those codes are not necessarily the same with the other vehicles. However, a mechanic or anyone with the OBD2 scanner can hook up to the port in order for the trouble codes to be read. After reading the codes, you will be then able to identify the problems of your car.

What is Port and how it can be hooked up

The OBD2 port is a kind of computer. It monitors emissions, mileage, speed and other useful data of a car. It is connected to the Check Engine light and when the system discovers a problem, it lights up. The primary purpose of the OBD2 connection is for emission testing but most people use this as a scan tool or as a code reader for the driveway mechanic.


The port is also known as the diagnostic connector. It can either be a white or black in color and can be found usually just behind the dashboard or right above the brake pedal. You can use one screwdriver to take out the cover and see it. The port has about sixteen pins but the location of the pins varies depending on the signal protocol of the vehicle. Traditional ports allow you to read the codes but still require you to find a code reference like various handbooks and websites.

Some modern scan tools today offers coziness for they can be simply connected to a computer or a laptop to display detailed information about your vehicle. If you want to go beyond just reading the diagnostic codes, you can opt for scan tools which offer various features. Some of them allow you to keep track the data parameters of your car in real time. Having a scan tool like this can be a little more complex but it will truly offer you an amazing experience.

The Importance of OBD2 Scanner

Today, you can even use many Android and some iOS apps to monitor your car’s performance through the OBD2 port. You can even change your phone or tablet into an incredibly advanced display for the data of your engine. That’s how the high-technology works.

The OBD2 Scanner is another high-tech thing that will not only allow you to find answers to your cars simple problems but will tell you what specific areas of your car need attention. Thus, you or your mechanic will have a better idea of what should be looking for. Are you a careful driver and want to be more aware of what’s going on in your car’s engine? Click Here.