Consider an Impact Driver for DIY and Professional Jobs

There are different types and models of impact drivers. However, not all models can fill the spot as the best impact driver for DIY and professional work. Several years ago, an impact driver is considered a specialty tool that is rare on the job site. However, with recent developments in the industry, it has been made readily available for those who need it for professional work as well as small projects at home.


In choosing a cordless impact driver, there are several things that one needs to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when choosing an impact driver for a job or project:

It is All About Power and Torque

Impact drivers have the great advantage over regular drills and drivers. One of these advantages comes in the form of its torque. With the use of an impact driver, you can drive a big screw even when you are using a small driver.

Compact and Lightweight

A cordless impact driver is also preferred because of its size. This tool is made more compact. In fact, there is a big torque difference between an 18-volt driver and a 12-volt driver. Some professionals prefer to use the 12v impact driver; Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt, Milwaukee 2450-22, DEWALT DCF815S2. They are best 12v impact drivers.

impact driver 12v light weight

Offers Multiple Functions

An impact driver is considered an ideal tool in a job site as this comes with multiple functions. For instance, they are not just for driving screws, as they also make great drills. You can make use of small bits on these tools and they have twice the rpm of cordless drills.


Comfort and Ease of Use

This tool also features comfort and ease of use. Compared to a standard driver that requires you to push hard for it to work, an impact driver comes with a hammer mechanism. This mechanism produces torque as well as forward pressure. With this mechanism, this tool offers ease of use which is great for one-handed as well as stretch and drive situations.

Not a Hammer Drill

While this tool functions just like a hammer drill and sound like one, it is important to take note that this should not be used as a substitute for one. This tool is created to generate torque and not forward blows.

Works with Hex Shaft Bits Only

It is also important to take note that this tool works with hex shafts only. Regular bits will not work on this type of power tool.


Knowing the pros and cons of an impact driver can help you decide whether this tool is what you need in the job site. It is important to identify whether this tool fits the purpose you are considering. If not, you may need another tool to complete a project. Regardless, having one at the job site is ideal as this tool offers multiple functions, comfort, and ease of use. Moreover, this little tool is powerful and this can surely complete any task that you require.


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